Optimizing my Old Android Tablet to be Usable

Stock setup of the Proscan PLT8801k tablet (aka Curtis) isn’t usable even for basic web browsing. Here is a guide to make it faster and usable! The PLT8801k has Android 4.1 and doesn’t seem to work with Google Play Store and suffers from memory performance issues. This should work for most crappy tablets because its basically just cutting out all the extra fluff and making it as efficient as possible.

ADW Launcher Home screenshot of Proscan Tablet
ADW Launcher Home screenshot


First thing was to Factory Reset the tablet;

Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset

After the reset is complete and the tablet starts up, reboot once again to make sure everything is stable. Do not connect to WiFi or login to anything just yet.

Now the next part of this guide can vary from device to device but on the Proscan PLT8801k disable the following apps by going to;

Settings > Apps then scroll to “All” in the list view pane.

All apps settings screen of Proscan Tablet
Screenshot of the All Apps screen

Select the app and then select disable.

  • YouTube
  • Google Partner Setup
  • Google One Time Init
  • Google Contacts Sync
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • Google Account Manager
  • Gallery
  • Exchange Services
  • Email
  • Calendar Storage
  • Calendar
  • App stores
  • Android Live Wallpapers
  • Amazon appstore
  • Adobe Flash Player 11.1
  • TalkBack
  • Street View
  • Search
  • Pico TTS
  • Picasa Uploader
  • MusicFX
  • Market Feedback Agent
  • Home | Aptoide
  • Google Text-to-speech Engine
  • Google Services Framework
  • Google Search
  • Google Play Services


Reboot the tablet again and then connect to WiFi.

Open the default browser and go to this url;

Aptoide Lite version

Install Aptoide Lite and open the app.

Find, install and setup these apps;

  • ADW Launcher (v not 2!)
  • Puffin Web Browser (v
  • SwiftKey Keyboard (v


Finally, just setup things that you want to use like a music player, games and wallpapers (no live ones) etc. Use Puffin web browser for things like Gmail, YouTube and Facebook instead of the apps because Puffin is optimized and is almost always much faster. If you must use a app try and find the “Lite” version if available. Try not to use apps (or find in the app options “start with Android”) that will run in memory when not needed, it slows down the tablet big time! For app updates use the ApkPure app as it seemed to work best on this tablet.

I know there are things missing and I will update as I think of them!

I hope this helps someone to actually use the tablet without waiting a extremely long time for things to load or just not work at all!

Oh ya, one more thing, the Proscan PLT8801k tablet is as bright as the sun so get something like Dimly (be aware that installing apps with a screen dimer turned on is disabled on this tablet) to save your eyes!


UPDATE (1/8/2017):

After trying many versions, I found a version of Netflix that works on this tablet! You can get the apk from here: Old Netflix version I have uploaded this file to my cloud storage to keep a backup if the link stops working.

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