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Having issues with WHM getting SSL certs for the services under WHM’s Manage Service SSL Certificates? In this post I will show you a workaround that I figured out using the website SSL FOR FREE.

WHM Menu Selection
WHM menu Selection


I was having trouble with the WHM SSL for services not being able to generate certs and found this workaround by using the SSL For Free website and manually verifying my WHM domain.


First off you must realize that the WHM control panel is not really a regular domain and if you try to access a file under that domain it should redirect to your main domain and give you a 404 because the file is not found. This is the main reason that the WHM control panel was unable to issue a cert because it kept generating a verification txt file in the http doc root that was not accessible from the internet as well as redirecting to my main domain and giving a 404.


Now head over to the wonderful website SSL FOR FREE

SSL for Free Website


And follow the instructions for manually verifying your website. I tried the DNS TXT way and for whatever reason it wouldn’t work so I used the upload file way.

So for the file upload way on my site I have different redirects for HTTPS, HSTS and URL rewriting etc and I had to remove some of those for this to work. You will will have to experiment in removing some or all of those for the SSL for Free site to find the file that you upload.

Once you have successfully created the directories and uploaded the file and it has been verified you will get the SSL certificate details. Use those details to upload into the WHM interface under the menu item ‘Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain’ and chose the url that you access the WHM and Cpanel interface.

Install SSL cert on a Domain


Finally, you need to make a file so that the WHM does not try and renew the certificate automatically since I don’t know what kind of problems this would cause:

touch /var/cpanel/ssl/disable_service_certificate_management

I hope this has helped anyone who has had the hassle of not being able to get the WHM SSL Service Management option to work for SSL certificates!

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