Website Performance Reports for May 2017 Final Results

I have once again tweaked WordPress and my VPS server for performance to be the fastest and most compliant since I first created this website.

Here are the results from my efforts:


First Google’s PageSpeed Insights website analysis result:

picture of Google's PageSpeed Insights testing tool
Google PageSpeed Insights test result


Now for WebpageTest:

picture of WebPageTest results
WebPageTest results


Now its Pingdom Tools:

picture of Pingdom Tools test results
Pingdom Tools test results


How about GTmetrix:

picture of GTmetrix test results
GTmetrix test results


And for my SSL setup:

picture of Qualys SSL test results
Qualys SSL test resuts


So after many hours of tweaking, learning, researching, testing and screwing many things up I have made everything as optimized and as fast as possible. I have had to use less optimization on certain things to make the site look better an be more user friendly because I am sure every access to this website is not only bots (I hope).

Oh one more thing that I was pretty happy about accomplishing is the HTML Validator results I have achieved!

picture of HTML validator results
HTML validator results


This will be the last report I will do as a post as I really don’t think much will change. If there is any major updates for WordPress and things end up being different because of that then maybe repost a new report. This feels like I am honking my own horn or being conceited but really I just want to show what can be done with WordPress and a cheap VPS to optimize the performance of a website that anyone can create.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post below or use the contact form!


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