Windows Updates Fail and Revert Changes in Dual Boot Linux

Windows updates fail and get stuck doing the dreaded “reverting changes” on my dual boot system and here is how to fix that!

Screenshot of Windows updates failure message
Windows updates failure message



Ya I went though this and it wasn’t pretty.  After installing Antergos Arch or Solus 3 on my Windows 7 system, Windows Updates would not complete successfully and would revert changes taking a very long time. What the heck could be going wrong? Is there a problem with the SSD or the boot sector that I have setup using GRUB? Windows 10 has some of its own issues with dual boot but that is not the problem here. I am using Win 7 without UEFI or Secure Boot enabled in bios settings. After a bunch of re-installs and disk wipes I finally remembered what to do! For some reason, after installing the ext4 and swap partitions (as well as using GRUB as boot manager) to the SSD, the main partition for Windows would be set as “inactive” thus producing the problems for applying updates. The solution is to boot into Windows then open “Disk management” by right clicking “My Computer” > selecting manage. Right click the Windows partition, then set that main partition as “active”!


Screenshot of Windows disk management
Windows disk management


And finally you need to reboot back into Windows and try all the updates again! Now they should all work and your Windows updates will succeed. This should work the same way even if you are running with UEFI and have not disabled Secure Boot.  Should work in any dual boot, Windows and Linux, situation but that’s up to you to see if it works! This caused me so many issues and it was very frustrating, this should help at least a few dual booting, “need Windows for business or games” users.

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