Device Permanently Locked

Recently I inherited an LG G4 smartphone that was locked to a carrier (Telus) and then it was permanently locked after 10 code entry attempts. So I found out how to get this fixed and want to share for anyone having the same issue.

LG G4 device image

Lots of searching on the net and all I could find is a few obscure posts that really didn’t help.

I have a solution that will work to unlock a permanently locked device!

You will need a confirmation email from your carrier. Contact your carrier and ask for a confirmation email showing your device IMEI and the unlock code.

So for LG (and I believe Samsung), they have a “Permanent lock” repair center that can reflash the motherboard. Once you have contacted your provider and requested this email you can contact the manufacturer to unlock the Permentantly Locked status and use your device on any service provider!

I just sent off my LG G4 to see if this is actually viable.

Updates soon!

UPDATE (March 29th 2020):

So even though LG support stated that the repair would be free even out of warranty they are refusing to unlock the device. This is what I recieved after I talked to support again since I never heard back.

Hi Grant, According to the notes on file , the case had been reviewed by a supervisor, and the sup had approved to cover the diagnostic fee only. We will not cover the 430$ it costs to unlock the phone unfortunately. This is a 4 year old phone and you are out of warranty.

Best Regards,

LG Canada Email Support

So as you can see LG Canada support lied to me and once they received the device tried to get me to pay 10x the cost of the device, over current market value, to get it back. After complaining they decided to waive the diagnostic fee of 35$ and I have yet to get the device back, probably want to charge a shipping fee I am sure.

After previous great experience dealing with LG support and warranty I now would never buy a LG device again.

I love LG products however this experience has shown me that even a great product needs great support otherwise it’s just not a wise purchase.

In summary, don’t believe anything LG support tells you.