Async Javascript – WordPress Plugin

Excellent plugin for increasing webpage speed by reducing script “blocking” on the page load.

So basically the plugin looks for javascript files in your source and adds a async or defer attribute.

Example code change:

<script src=''></script>


<script async='async' src=''></script>

This is definitely a great plugin that you should use on every WordPress install!

Increased PageSpeed Score
Using Async (along with Autoptimize from the same developer) helped me make significant improvements [...]in my site's PageSpeed score. Frank the developer is very active on the support forums to answer questions from newbies like myself and also more experienced developers that surely benefit from his expertise. I imagine there is no better, free way to optimize a website than using these two plugins Autoptimize and Async together. Read more »
February 23, 2021
Execellent plugin with Great Support
I was stuck in one Issue, support helped me right away and now I am good to go. Thanks alot
February 22, 2021
Awesome plugins and the respectable author
Both Autoptimize and Async JS plugins can extremely speed up my website. Before I move on to these [...]tows, I have used another popular Cache plugin for a long time. with Autoptimize and ASync, I have never thought that my site would be able to be up to lee than 2s from more than 4s, even though I have to exclude some JS script manually. But it is worth it to do so. When I faced the issue of excluding script from js minification, I didn't expect the error can be solved very fast even more because this is a free plugin, but Frank rapidly answered me just in few hours! And told me, all I need was to add a simple class of the JS, and then the magic happened. Thank you, Frank, and his great plugins. 🙂 Read more »
January 27, 2021