picture of the webmasterI hope you find something interesting or helpful here! Mostly random topics from my activities that could possibly be useful and thought I would share.


picture of Google's PageSpeed Insights testing tool

Website Performance Reports for May 2017 Final Results

I have once again tweaked WordPress and my VPS server for performance to be the fastest and most compliant since I first created this website. Here are the results from ...
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Driver Booster outdated drivers list

Driver Booster is the Best and Easiest Driver Updater for Windows

If you want to update your Windows device drivers, as you should for best performance, then Driver Booster is what you need! Driver Booster by IO Bit is just awesome! ...
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PageSpeed Insights CSS Delivery Webpage

Inline Critical CSS in WordPress with Autoptimize

'Inline and Defer CSS Above the Fold' is one of the most seen suggestions when you analyze a WordPress website with tools like Google's PageSpeed Insights. In this post I ...
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ADW Launcher Home screenshot of Proscan Tablet

Optimizing my Old Android Tablet to be Usable

Stock setup of the Proscan PLT8801k tablet (aka Curtis) isn't usable even for basic web browsing. Here is a guide to make it faster and usable! The PLT8801k has Android ...
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opcache dashboard

Opcache – The mystery of PHP7 and 1% hit ratio

Well I have been trying to make this site even faster with all kinds of tweaks like OPcache and optimizations until I pull my hair out and my eyes melt ...
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Website Reports July 2016

Again this is the latest performance reports with all server updates... Here it is from Google ...
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